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Social and curative education occupations

  • Childcare worker

    Working with people also means that you will encounter very different needs and interests, often far removed from your own personal experiences. This requires a high degree of personal skills and empathy. As a childcare worker, you will work independently in various fields with children, young people and their families. Your responsibilities will include accompanying, encouraging and supporting them. We aim to provide you with the necessary technical and theoretical knowledge and methodological skills during your training.

    Duration of training: 2-3 years, including placements*
    Locations: Bielefeld, Hannover, Münster, Berlin, Bernau/Lobetal
    * either full-time or part-time
  • Curative carer

    The aim of curative care is to holistically support those with impairments or disabilities. The focus lies with the interests of the individual, which means that it will be part of your responsibilities to represent them and determine what help they need. You will advise, guide, assist, educate, care for and support them. This is all with the aim to promote their independent and autonomous participation in life in society. The focus of this training is on conceptual development work, during which you will also learn to continuously reflect on yourself.

    Duration of training: 3 years, including one year placement
    Locations: Bielefeld, Bernau/Lobetal
  • Curative teacher

    To work in this profession, you must understand one thing above all: The curative educational field is based on a holistic and self-determined view of humanity. That means that physical, spiritual, mental and social dimensions form one tightly interwoven unit. Do you see yourself as someone with whom people can learn, play, work and live? Alone, in groups or with other specialists as part of a team? During training, you will receive the necessary tools to be able to work in day care centres, early intervention, schools or inpatient assistance for those with disabilities.

    Duration of training: 2-3 years, including placements*
    Locations: Bielefeld, Hannover, Bernau/Lobetal
    * either full-time or part-time
  • Social assistant

    Would you like to work as an independent helper, with the aim that those entrusted to you are able to lead an independent life? Sometimes your tasks will be smaller, sometimes slightly larger. Based on the individual's needs, you will help with personal hygiene, household chores or participation in cultural and social life. During your training, you will learn to empathise with others, enter into professional relationships, and, of course, work responsibly as part of a team.

    Duration of training: 1-2 years*
    Locations: Bielefeld, Münster, Berlin, Bernau/Lobetal, Hannover
    * depending on school-leaving qualifications