v. Bodelschwinghsche Stiftungen Bethel

Healthcare occupations

  • Geriatric nurse

    Do you like to take on responsibility? Do you enjoy caring for, supporting, advising and accompanying the elderly, or those with disabilities or extensive care needs? Are you interested in future-proof, specialist training? If you are highly organised, flexible, socially competent and resilient, apply to work with us.

    Duration of training: 3 years full-time, 4 years part-time
    Locations: Bielefeld, Berlin, Hannover, Bernau/Lobetal
  • Dietitian

    If you think this occupation is simply about losing weight, you couldn’t be more wrong. Dietitians are professionals in the field of nutrition. Many people need a specific diet. Diabetes, renal failure, malnutrition – the reasons couldn’t vary more. This also makes this field of work highly varied: Hospitals, nutritional advice centres, child and youth welfare facilities, eating disorder facilities, care homes, and much more. We provide specific training in the state-approved school for dieticians in the Bethel Evangelical Hospital to carefully prepare you for your professional life.

    Duration of training: 3 years
    Location: Bielefeld
  • Occupational therapist

    In an occupation with intensive contact with people, what matters the most is what you can offer. This should include empathy, creativity and imagination. You will learn both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures during your training. At our Ergotheraphy School in Eckhardtsheim, we lend particular importance to developing perception and social skills as well as competence in the field. You can of course gain practical and professional experience at our facilities.

    Duration of training: 3 years
    Location: Bielefeld

„In my job, every day is different. Every resident and every symptom. The great thing is that here, I am always able to help with the specialist expertise I have acquired.“

Marlene W.,
Apprentice geriatric nurse
  • Healthcare and paediatric nurse

    The skills required in the clinical and nursing profession are even more relevant here. Support. Comfort. Distract. Working with children involves more than just medical procedures, planning and advice. More fun. More challenging. You need a big heart, a lot of empathy and steady nerves. In paediatric nursing, you not only need to care for the young patients, but also for their worried parents.

    Duration of training: 3 years
    Location: Bielefeld
  • Healthcare and nursing assistant

    Do you enjoy caring for others? During your training, you will learn how to support nursing staff. Areas of responsibility include dressing changes, looking after the ill, caring for and supporting those affected by their illness or old age, as well as assisting with diagnostic and therapeutic measures.

    Duration of training: 1 year
    Location: Bielefeld
  • Healthcare workers and nurses

    Empathy is just as much of a basic requirement in this occupation as planning, organisation and advising. Are you kind and enjoy working with people? Elderly or young people, people with or without disabilities – do you simply enjoy putting a smile on people’s faces? In addition to medical diagnostic procedures, therapy and rehabilitation, this occupation also involves developing solutions to health problems. In some cases, professionals are responsible for their own projects, sometimes they are involved in others, and often they work with professional groups from other disciplines.

    Duration of training: 3 years
    Locations: Bielefeld, Berlin
  • Surgical assistant

    The first requirement: You can cope with the sight of blood! During your training, you will be taught to care for patients during surgery. You will also learn how to prepare an operating theatre before and after surgery, provide necessary equipment, instruments and materials, and transfer and position patients. You will be part of a team that requires maximum commitment, resilience and empathy.

    Duration of training: 3 years
    Location: Berlin