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Are you interested in studying, but still need some convincing? Here it comes.

Diaconia is made possible by employees who implement and pass on the diaconal idea day after day. At the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences, we have been teaching practical knowledge and diaconal values for over ten years. Would you like to study while working? No problem. Even if you don’t live nearby, you can participate in the course through various e-learning facilities. A Master’s degree in diaconia management? Absolutely. We also support future specialists and management in social and health professions through several Bachelor's and Master’s programmes. Having small groups of a maximum of forty students per year ensures the professors are always easy to contact and available to listen. In addition to being fun, your studies also offer many opportunities for progression.

Our educational campus in Bielefeld includes the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences with around 500 current students, the Evangelische Bildungsstätte für Diakonie und Gemeinde (Evangelical Educational Centre for Diaconia and Community), and the Institut Bildung & Beratung Bethel (Bethel Institute of Education and Advice).

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