v. Bodelschwinghsche Stiftungen Bethel

Pastoral care and service to the community

  • Deacon

    Diaconia is one of the most important features of the evangelical church and we live it on a daily basis. In word and deed, through worship and service to others. Your areas of responsibility as deacon will be as diverse as they are varied and include social and education work, nursing and educational activities as well as preaching, pastoral care and advising. You will always work with a strong team and as part of something important. You will contribute to profiling diaconal institutions, interacting with the Christian identity, and professional, socio-political and economic aspects.

    Fields of work: In almost all fields of work of the Bethel VBS
    Location: All locations of the Bethel VBS
  • Pastoral services and care

    "We are a diaconal organisation. For us, the Christian message is orientating ourselves in different fields of work and at different levels of intervention. With our congregations, pastoral services, and work with other congregations, we are committed to making the Christian faith a part of everyday life. As a pastoral care worker, you will have the opportunity to work in a variety of areas and functions. In addition to homes, clinics and church congregations, we also offer the possibility of working in management positions or in training and further education.

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„I’m grateful to be able to bring my faith and diaconal attitude into my everyday professional life and to guide, strengthen and support people.“

Magdalena S.,
Social worker and deacon (f)